Jiffy-Tite® 5 Piece Kit (JT5KIT)

Jiffy-Tite® 5 Piece Kit (JT5KIT)

Made in USA, Jiffy-Tite® authorized, and bearing the official Jiffy-Tite® patent


Complete Specifications

Identical to the 4 Piece Kit, but it also includes the JT34DT – used for the battery cooling system on the Chevy Volt

Kit contains 1 piece each:

  • Jiffy-Tite® 3/8” Low Profile (JT38LP)
  • Jiffy-Tite® 1/2” Disconnect Tool (JT12DT)
  • Jiffy-Tite® 5/8” Disconnect Tool (JT58DT)
  • Jiffy-Tite® 5/8” Disconnect Tool 30% (JT58DT30)
  • Jiffy-Tite® 3/4” Disconnect Tool (JT34DT)

These are the little round tools that work in the tight places where the other tools fail. Each tool is made, assembled, and gauged in USA. Metal tools sold in kits are cased using a high-quality durable black plastic case that positively snaps shut.